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More chill music because you guys seemed to really like the last one! This second time around was easier in some ways yet more difficult in others. So please do let me know what you think.

I ran into an incredibly frustrating technical issue while making this. Sometimes there would be this strange, intermittent clicking noise and eventually I realized it was coming from one of the synths. There were options to alter this synth's settings but the only thing that would stop the clicking would also make the entire thing sound terrible. Thankfully a friend found a workaround but I still don't know what exactly was causing it and I spent a ton of time trying to fix it. I wish so much of my music-making time didn't have to go into troubleshooting little technical things. Okay, I'm done venting now.

My last chill song turned out to be more popular than I'd have ever guessed. I don't know whether people will like this more or less than that. The flutes probably are imperfect but I really dig how the main piano turned out. I also think it's more serene and (in a sense) unified but I'm also incredibly tired of listening to it, so my judgment is not exactly impartial, haha.


released March 8, 2015



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Callenby Seattle, Washington

Hello, my name is Callenby and it is my dream to make music as meaning to other people as others' has been to me.

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